20 Research Articles for 2020

"Teaching and Learning About Cultural Diversity: Becoming a Multicultural Teacher" by Howard M. Miller (The Reading Teacher, 2001)

Almost two decades have passed since Miller's response to requests from White teachers for ways to effectively teach diverse student populations, but the actionable steps he proposed then are more relevant than ever. This brief article is packed with recommendations, both personal and instructive. From examining one's assumptions, fostering productive and authentic connections with parents and the community, confronting tokenism and intolerance, to developing engaging and culturally relevant activities within a broadly diverse curriculum that goes beyond the particular makeup of one's classroom or school, Miller argues that multicultural teaching is simply good teaching.

Reviewed by Cheryl P. Lyon, University of Connecticut

Miller, H.M. (2001). Teaching and learning about cultural diversity: Becoming a multicultural teacher. The Reading Teacher, 55(4), 346–347. www.jstor.org/stable/20205060

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