ILA West 2018

Literacy: A Pathway to Equity

March 16–17, 2018
San Diego, CA

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Administrators Strand

More than ever, administrators who are passionate, knowledgeable, and advocates for literacy are needed in our schools and districts. In this strand for administrators, participants will hear from students, teachers, principals, and district leaders about what is most important when leading literacy in schools and communities. Breakout sessions will focus on learning, sharing, and discussing key concepts around equity and student language support when reviewing your literacy program, including pedagogy and materials.

Jana Echevarria

Jana Echevarria

Pilar Ramos

Pilar Ramos

Julia Reynolds

Julia Reynolds

Jenna Shumsky

Jenna Shumsky


No More Low Expectations
Jana Echevarria
English learners are the fastest growing population in our schools. As such, providing both effective literacy instruction and focused language teaching must be a priority so that these students can meet grade-level standards and acquire associated skills. We will discuss the importance of literacy leadership at both the building and district level to ensure that English learners receive an appropriate instructional program.

A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Literacy Achievement
Jenna Shumsky, Pilar Ramos
New York City's Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) provides middle schools with targeted funding and on-the-ground support, all specifically focused on improving reading achievement and preparing students for success in high school. MSQI's framework for school improvement is based on the Carnegie Corporation's Reading Next report, which laid out recommendations for improving adolescent literacy instruction and supporting older readers struggling with comprehension. In the 2017–18 school year, 130 schools are participating in the initiative. In this workshop, participants will learn about the MSQI framework, district-level and school-level implementation, and lessons learned; engage in collegial discourse; and complete a guided planning process with MSQI district leaders.

Leadership for Literacy
Julia Reynolds
Principals and district leaders play key roles in supporting teachers, students, and families in literacy development. We will hear stories of building leaders and district administrators prioritizing literacy and seeing results throughout all aspects of student achievement. Conversations will revolve around what can happen in your own schools and districts and what next steps need to be put into place immediately.

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