Children's Literature in the Reading Program

Engaging Young Readers in the 21st Century

Fourth Edition

Deborah A. Wooten, Bernice E. Cullinan

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Children's Literature in the Reading Program

Book Description

Children will benefit, not only as future readers and writers but also as future citizens, if the models of classroom literacy development set forth in this book are followed.

—Richard L. Allington, from the Foreword

Help your students unlock their love of reading by introducing them to a range of high-quality children's literature. This fourth edition has 14 all-new chapters that offer classroom-proven strategies and tips from educators and children's book authors.

  • Explore genres such as poetry, biographies, nonfiction, and series books
  • Investigate images and how to read them, specifically in picture books and graphic novels
  • Motivate students by sharing books with global appeal and themes to attract uninspired readers
  • Create an atmosphere that fosters a love of reading and writing
  • Engage with resources in the field to expand your own knowledge and practices

Complete with children's literature author and title indexes, this edition will show you how, why, and what types of children's literature to use in the classroom. In a world of basal readers, inspire your K–5 students to embrace varied texts to make connections to their world and beyond.

With Contributions From

  • David L. Harrison
  • Marc Aronson & Myra Zarnowski
  • Deborah A. Wooten & Kimberly F. McCuiston
  • Anne McGill-Franzen & Natalia Ward
  • Cyndi Giorgis
  • Lauren Aimonette Liang & Lee Galda
  • Stergios Botzakis
  • Barbara A. Lehman
  • Nancy Roser, Deborah Palmer, Erin Greeter, Miriam Martinez, & Deborah A. Wooten
  • Elizabeth A. Swaggerty
  • Jonda C. McNair
  • Jane Hansen
  • Colleen P. Gilrane & Maggie Lingle Lohr
  • James W. Stiles

© 2015 | 264 pp | ISBN: 978-0-87207-387-6

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Table of contents

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About the Editors
Part I: Exploring Genres and Subgenres


  • Chapter 1
    Poetry, the Write Thing to Do
    David L. Harrison

  • Chapter 2
    Teaching Nonfiction With Confidence: Learning to Love Inquiry
    Marc Aronson & Myra Zarnowski

  • Chapter 3
    What Do Biographies Tell Us? A Journey Into Books and Lives That Shape the Present
    Deborah A. Wooten & Kimberly F. McCuiston

  • Chapter 4
    Series Books: For Seeking Reading Pleasure and Developing Reading Competence
    Anne McGill-Franzen & Natalia Ward

Part II: Investigating Texts and Images


  • Chapter 5
    Illustrations in Picture Books: The Art of Reading Images
    Cyndi Giorgis

  • Chapter 6
    Reading Text and Image: Building Skills for Deep Understanding
    Lauren Aimonette Liang & Lee Galda

  • Chapter 7
    Graphic Novels in Education: Comics, Comprehension, and the Content Areas
    Stergios Botzakis

Part III: Motivating All Students


  • Chapter 8
    Reading Multiculturally, Globally, Critically: Incorporating Literature of Diversity in Literacy Education
    Barbara A. Lehman

  • Chapter 9
    ...Process Drama for Children: Picture Books in English and Spanish
    N. Roser, D. Palmer, E. Greeter, M. Martinez, D. A. Wooten

  • Chapter 10
    Selecting Engaging Texts for Upper Elementary Students Who Avoid Reading or Find Reading Difficult
    Elizabeth A. Swaggerty

Part IV: Visiting a Rich Reading and Writing Classroom


  • Chapter 11
    Creating Classroom Libraries for Grades K–5
    Jonda C. McNair

  • Chapter 12
    Young Readers Study Writers
    Jane Hansen

  • Chapter 13
    Primary Students Writing and Reading Informational Text
    Colleen P. Gilrane & Maggie Lingle Lohr

Part V: Engaging With Resources in the Field


  • Chapter 14
    Where Do We Go From Here? Resources to Connect, Engage, and Inspire
    James W. Stiles

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