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Fun and Effective Ways to Enhance Vocabulary Acquisition

By Clare Maloney
 | May 17, 2017
Vocab AcquisitionVocabulary is a cornerstone for readers at all levels. Vocabulary-building lessons help enhance readers’ comprehension and raise their overall literacy levels. From games that foster collaborative team efforts to new visual and audio tools, find out how you can make new vocabulary stick with these creative and engaging activities:

Vocabulary Voyage: How a Spontaneous Lesson Became a Favorite Strategy

Vocabulary Expansion: The "Ize" Have It

Using Google Slides to Make Vocabulary Stick

The “X” Factor—and the “M” and “N” Factors, Too: Fun with Vocabulary Acquisition

Using Photos to Support Reading and Writing

Clare Maloney is an intern at the International Literacy Association. She is currently seeking a BA in English from the University of Delaware.

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