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ILA is on top of the latest in literacy. We lead the way with ground-breaking research on cutting-edge issues, like state standards, assessments, English learners, technology in education, legislation and policy, and teacher preparation. Our up-to-the-minute discoveries in these and other areas, combined with our vibrant community of literacy leaders, enable us to deliver the latest information from the most credible and meaningful sources.


As the champion of the literacy movement, ILA facilitates literacy dialogue and connections all around the world. We have wonderful relationships with an expansive group of literacy experts, including our Board of Directors, Literacy Research Panel, global partners, authors of ILA-published professional development books, and conference speakers.

Are you seeking an informed opinion on an education issue? We're sure we know just the right person, and we'll be happy to connect you! Let our sources become your resources. Contact our press office.

Press coverage

This is a selected list of media coverage. Please contact us for more coverage information and details.


ILA events are a powerful arena to share and spread your message to thousands of education and literacy professionals. Learn more about our exciting events below, and find out how to become an advertiser, sponsor, or exhibitor.

ILA's Conference

Attending ILA's annual Conference is a truly transformative experience that not only inspires attendees, but also empowers them to translate their inspiration into action in the classrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, and chambers of government after the conference is over.

Events in your area

Looking for an event closer to home? Check out our online calendar for literacy conferences and events near you. If you'd like to add an event to the calendar, please e-mail

Clock Hours

ILA awards Clock Hours for attending sessions at our annual conference. These transcripts may be used as part of a professional development sequence approved by local school districts. Check with your district or State Department of Education for more information about specific Clock Hour requirements.