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National Recognition

ILA National Recognition for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals

Excellent reading and literacy instruction can be delivered only by excellent literacy professionals—those who are well prepared and ready to meet the challenges of today's classrooms and to help all students become lifelong literacy learners.

That's why the International Literacy Association (ILA) strongly advocates for outstanding teacher education and awards National Recognition and National Recognition With Distinction to exemplary literacy professional preparation programs.

Currently, ILA National Recognition and ILA National Recognition With Distinction honor outstanding licensure, certificate, and endorsement programs that prepare reading/literacy specialists. At a future date, this program will be expanded to include programs that prepare

  • Pre-K/primary classroom teachers
  • Elementary/intermediate classroom teachers
  • Middle/high school classroom teachers
  • Literacy coaches
  • Literacy coordinators

What are the benefits of ILA National Recognition?

Institutions can use the ILA National Recognition review process to ensure their program is in alignment with Standards 2017, which will help to continually expand and improve their literacy programs, secure resources for expansion and improvement, and attract applicants.

Once ILA National Recognition is earned, it demonstrates that the institution adheres to a rigorous set of standards—therefore setting it apart from similar programs—and that its teacher candidates are fully prepared to enter the profession.

What are the benefits of ILA National Recognition With Distinction?

ILA National Recognition With Distinction is the highest honor awarded by ILA. Institutions that have earned ILA National Recognition With Distinction will be recognized on the ILA National Recognition Recipients webpage, acknowledged in an ILA press release, and be invited to present at the National Recognition session at ILA's annual conference.

What is the process for ILA National Recognition and ILA National Recognition With Distinction?

Program review consists of two stages:

Stage I: National Recognition

Institutions submit a self-study that will be evaluated by a team of ILA-trained reviewers. Specific attention will be paid to how programs align with elements and rubrics identified in Standards 2017. If your self-study garners distinguished results and approval, you will receive ILA National Recognition.

Stage II: National Recognition With Distinction

After you have earned ILA National Recognition, and if your program garnered distinguished ratings and approval, your institution may be recommended for a site visit. During the site visit, an ILA-trained reviewer team will both assess your program through the dual lens of Standards 2017 and your self-study and conduct interviews with faculty, administrators, and current and former students. If your program obtains an outstanding site visit review, your institution will receive ILA National Recognition With Distinction.

Programs are reviewed in spring and fall cycles. An ILA-trained review team evaluates the reports to determine the extent to which the program aligns with ILA National Recognition requirements. Please visit the ILA National Recognition Program Reviewer page to view the eligibility requirements to meet the stated performance expectations.

ILA National Recognition Resources

ILA National Recognition Recipients

Institutions that earn ILA National Recognition and ILA National Recognition With Distinction have demonstrated that their literacy professional preparation programs are exemplary and adhere to a rigorous set of standards. Visit the ILA National Recognition Recipients webpage to see a list of the institutions that have achieved this honor.

If you have any questions, please contact ilanationalrecognition@reading.org