ILA West 2018

Literacy: A Pathway to Equity

March 16–17, 2018
San Diego, CA

$199 for ILA Members

$249 for Nonmembers

What can you do to help close the achievement gap for minority and low-income students? And what role does literacy play in these efforts?

At ILA West 2018, you'll work with fellow teachers, coaches, and administrators to address these questions head-on. You'll get empowered at literacy-centered, hands-on workshops and walk away with new research and the tactics for implementing it plus strategies you can use in your classroom tomorrow. You'll also gain research plans to address curriculum, assessment, and instruction in addition to administrators' approaches from innovators in the field.

Keynote Speakers

Glenn Singleton
Glenn has devoted over 30 years to constructing racial equity worldwide and developing leaders to do the same. He is the author of Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools (2006), a protocol for sustained, deep dialogue.

Glenn Singleton

Valerie Ooka Pang
Valerie is a professor at San Diego State University, California, and former elementary teacher. She has published several books on equity in education: Diversity and Equity in the Classroom and Multicultural Education: A Caring-Centered, Reflective Approach.

Valerie Ooka Pang

Stephen Peters
Stephen is the superintendent of Laurens County School District 55, South Carolina, and is the CEO and president of the Peters Group, an education consulting company that is dedicated to creating and sustaining success in schools and districts by supporting educators.

Stephen Peters

Who should attend ILA West 2018?

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Administrators
  • Any educator who wants to close the achievement gap
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Teachers and Coaches: Literacy can change lives and open a world of possibilities for students.  As we examine inequity across the United States, we know that education, and literacy skills in particular, can begin to level the playing fields. In the strand for teachers and coaches, we explore close reading, visible learning for literacy, quality instruction for English learners, vocabulary instruction, and many more topics that can ensure that all students, even our most vulnerable, become literate. Each breakout session provides participants with ideas that they can implement immediately as well as evidence that they can use to defend the practices.

Early Childhood Educators: What happens in the early years of a child's school life greatly affects the later years. This is especially true for early literacy learning. If children are to reach their learning potentials, equitable instruction must become a standard of practice.  Sessions within this strand will demonstrate ideas and examples illustrating how to make equitable learning a reality for every child in grades pre-K–3. Participants will leave with a tool kit of instructional practices on topics like balanced literacy, assessment for instruction, supporting English learners, and equity instruction in children's literature.

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Administrators: More than ever, administrators who are passionate, knowledgeable, and advocates for literacy are needed in our schools and districts. In this strand for administrators, participants will hear from students, teachers, principals, and district leaders about what is most important when leading literacy in schools and communities. Breakout sessions will focus on learning, sharing, and discussing key concepts around equity and student language support when reviewing your literacy program, including pedagogy and materials.



  • Olivia Amador
  • Gwynne Ash
  • Aida Cervantes Allen-Rotell
  • Cathy Collier
  • Jana Echavarria
  • Douglas Fisher
  • Nancy Frey
  • Jan Hasbrouck
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Tasha Laman
  • Diane Lapp
  • Hilda Martinez
  • Cornelius Minor
  • Lori Oczkus
  • Pilar Ramos
  • Julia Reynolds
  • Noreen Rodriguez
  • Jenna Schumsky
  • Dominique Smith
  • Lisa Trevino Forehand
  • Selena Van Horn
  • MaryEllen Vogt
  • Angie Zapata


How can I submit a proposal to speak at this event?

We are not accepting presentation proposals for ILA West 2018.



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