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ILA Helen M. Robinson Grant

This US$1,200 grant established in memory of Helen M. Robinson is given annually to support a doctoral student in the early stages of his or her dissertation research in reading and literacy. Dr. Robinson devoted much of her work to developing a better understanding of instructional interventions. This grant will be used to support eligible dissertation research in this area. Applicants must be ILA members.

Deadline: June 1, 2020



Recent recipients



Stephanie Reid, Arizona State University, Phoenix
Multimodality Matters: Exploring Words, Images, and Design Features in a Seventh-Grade English Language Arts Classroom



Jungmin Kwon
Moving Across Linguistic, Cultural, and Geographic Boundaries: A Multi-sited Ethnographic Case Study of Immigrant Children


Cassie Brownell
Cultivating a Compositional Fluency in the Elementary English Language Arts Classroom


Colleen Whittingham
Local Literacies, Preschool Practices, Sponsored Spaces: A Case of One Ethnically and Linguistically Diverse Preschool Classroom


Lina Trigos-Carrillo
Academic Literacies of LA College Students


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