Awards & Grants

Constance McCullough International Research Grant

The Constance McCullough International Research Grant, which carries a monetary prize of US$4,000, is awarded annually to assist a member of the International Literacy Association in the investigation of reading-related problems and to encourage international professional development activities that are carried out in countries outside of the U.S. or Canada. This grant represents a specific means for working toward as many as three articulated ILA goals: advocacy, professional development, and emerging global issues.

Deadline: January 15



Recent recipients


Dr. Shea Kerkhoff
Project Country: Kenya
Project Name: "The Inquiry Initiative: Professional Development for Teachers in Rural Kenya to Integrate Inquiry-Based Learning with Literacy Instruction Across Grades and Content Areas"


Dr. Jennifer Manak
Project Country: Nicaragua
Project Name: "Supporting Literacy Education in Nicaragua Through Teacher Professional Development"


Dr. Theresa Deeney
Project Country: Kenya
Project Name: "Enhancing the Power of Literacy—Teacher Professional Development in Kenya"


Dr. Kassotaki-Psaroudaki Popi
Project Country: Greece
Project Name: "Early Literacy Teacher's Professional Development for Integrating ICT's With Other More Traditional Practices in Vocabulary Teaching"

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